År 2: Essens blogg

År 4-5: Juvelerna

We are now a SMART diplomed school. Read more about the SMART board här..

Once Upon A Technology

To our great joy Ankarsviks school is involved in the Comenius project this year. Comenius is a European-wide series of projects where schools come together to work on a theme of their choice. Read more...

About us

Due to our location the school has chosen to profile ourselves towards Nature and health.The school is situated in the middle of Ankarsvik in the south part of Alnö. We have a beautiful seaview and walking distance to both the ocean and the forest.


Nearby the school you can find the preschool Lanternans förskola. The preschool and the primary school have a close cooperation and often work togehter wich leads to a smooth transition when the younger pupils start school at the age of 6.





The school has recieved the Green key!

We are proud to tell you that the school has achieved it's goal and are now officially an Eco-school. Read more...